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Skill’d Build caters to professionals. We are quality-driven, budget conscious experts with proven high-speed turnaround times. We thrive off not just meeting, but exceeding your construction demands. But don’t take our word for it; read what others are saying about us.

Let our team of experienced professionals assist you in any aspect of your construction project. Explore our extensive array of construction services below. Any combination of services can be accommodated. Connect with Drew today at 619.454.5000 or to discuss your construction needs.

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The owner


How did you get into construction?

I am able to offer an extensive array of construction functions. I have a team of experienced professionals available to assist you in any aspect of your construction project. You may choose your own combination of services.

How long have you been building?

I can remember going to the “lot” since I was about five years old. My dad had me and my brother tied to the chimney nailing off a second-story roof. (I don’t think my mom knew about that!)

Why are you drawn to the field of construction?

Seeing a well-designed, well-crafted structure makes my heart race. The art of construction is better than chocolate for me, and I know chocolate well. My Granny hand dipped them for Russell Stover after World War II. She has passed that art onto my sister and me.

Did you go to school for construction?

I completed some lower division construction and architecture courses. Having grown up in the industry I felt that accounting and exceptional customer relations were the most valuable skills to add to my family business. I graduated from the University of San Diego with a degree in Communication a minor in Business Administration, and an emphasis in procurement.

Do you prefer Residential or Commercial?

That’s a tough one… I love them both. When I am creating a home, I am constructing a space for life–for rest, love, dreams, cooking, friends and family. I feel driven and inspired by a universal force that comes from my connection to my father and grandfather—they are my roots. Commercial has a different high. It’s about how cool can we make something, how fast can we do it, and how soon can we make it make money. The other thing that I love about commercial projects is that they’re visited by more people, so you get to show your stuff off to a larger audience.

What sets you apart from other builders in your trade?

Well, they weren’t taught by my dad or my grandfather; work ethic and perfection have been engrained in my brain before the words “mommy” or “daddy.” The words and phrases I remember hearing over and over again…”Hustle,” “Pay attention to detail,” “Everything is in the details,” “Don’t ever sit on the job,” “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well”…let’s just say there was a trend there. The whole repetition strategy works, and my work speaks volumes because of it.

How does it affect you when you hear one of those “nightmare contractor stories”?

What nightmare contractor stories??? Yeah, well, they happen. Usually they are a result in someone trying to “get a deal.” One of my dad’s other favorite quotes is “there is no free lunch.” And in construction, that’s means there is no cheap construction. Construction is the art of constructing. I am all about great art, not pop or discount art. We all have different value systems. I’ll take quality over quantity every single time. I have three pieces of art hanging in my house. All three pieces are priceless to me. Stated differently, you get what you pay for. Placing a greater value on integrity, professionalism, clear and concise communication, quality craftsmanship, timely construction, attention to details and follow-through than price is a good place to start. Price definitely deserves a place on the list. However, there tends to be a close relationship between “getting a deal” and “having a nightmare”.

Are you value priced?

Value is an individual assessment, I find that my fee ranges in the center of the market rate, and that my value exceeds the market. But that’s what my testimonials are all about.

What is all this talk about HGTV?

Let’s just say I got suckered into helping a few guys with their remodel. One day turned into a year and a half. We became amazing friends; I completely sheltered them from the construction storm. I missed birthdays, parties, vacations, and time with my family and friends. We worked 7 days a week in extreme heat, extreme cold and extreme heat again (ok, as extreme as Southern California gets). It was like being in college finals for an entire year and a half. Oh, and HGTV was there to film it. Something like 4,000 minutes of the best and worst moments of the journey.

What do you think about this whole green building thing?

I think I wish I had started building green a long, long ago. Although, I am famous for recycling my building materials and minimizing waste. The use of recycled building materials and sustainable technology concepts continues to expand and grow. I am excited—it’s truly the only option that we the residents of this planet have. I say bring it!

Anything else?

Yes, I just want to say that there are a lot of great people in the construction field. For that I am grateful because I feel that this is a team sport. Thank you to the good people in this industry committed to integrity, quality, safety, professionalism, and client satisfaction. I am so grateful to share this art form with you.


What our clients think!


“My company first used Drew Construction when we relocated our office into a new space 3 years ago. Drew’s team handled a number of tasks to ready our office for move-in including an extensive amount of cabinetry and several work stations. The job was done on-time, on-budget, and no detail was overlooked – including a very professional clean-up. Company growth during the intervening years recently required us to rework the layout of our office to accommodate additional staff. We called upon Drew once more with confidence. Walls were removed, electrical was re-run, numerous CAT6 lines were run, drywall, painting and flooring were required, etc. And all of this needed to be done between 7PM on Friday and prior to 8AM on Monday. In addition to this, our servers were running and could not be interrupted (no power interruption and no construction dust). Drew’s team delivered! Unexpected challenges arose (they always do, right?), but this didn’t stop Drew from delivering on-time and on-budget. Based upon these experiences, we recommend Drew without hesitation.”

Bart McCleskey, President
Rapid Point of Sale


Gene and Laura Gallagher


“Drew – Thank you, for two reasons. First, for all that you’ve done for us. Second, for the personal touch that your hand-written note – so rarely seen these days – displays.

We genuinely feel that we have a friend in the construction business – someone we can trust to do a top quality job and treat us fairly in the process. Troy, Greg, and all your subs have met our needs and exceeded our expectations.

The attached letter expresses our feelings more fully.”

With warm regards,
Stewart and Stephen


“’Do right by the customer’ – My unofficial motto for Mr. Drew Corely. Not only is Drew a great guy and an absolute pleasure to work with, but his integrity, strong work ethic, and careful attention to detail makes him [hands down] the go to guy in the industry. Drew took on the role of Design Lead and Contractor for a project to remodel our lobby and rooftop community rooms at Diamond Terrace (a high rise residential building in downtown SD). The HOA board hired Drew because of his passion and reputation for quality and customer service. We were NOT disappointed. His final design concept and finished product were met with rave reviews by the board and residents alike. His commitment and devotion to our project was exceptional! He exceeded all our expectations and always went above and beyond the call of duty. In an industry where most contractors will lie, cheat, and cut corners, Drew is truly a breath of fresh air. He has earned my respect and admiration, and I highly recommend him.”

Kevin P.
Diamond Terrace HOA, Director
San Diego, CA


“Building a new house from the ground up was my wife’s choice. I dreaded the entire project. Fortunately, we had Drew. He made an intimidating process an enjoyable one. He was a sounding board for my wife, and a calming influence on me. The best thing about him is the sense of pride and ownership that he takes in each project. He helped us create a 3500 sf. totally custom house that all three of us would be happy to live in.

Working with Drew has made this as enjoyable of an experience as it possibly can be. When my wife and I approach a fork in the road, Drew is always there to make certain that we stay on our original course. He understands who we are and what we want, and he has made certain that we don’t lose sight of that. Drew can articulate what you are trying to describe, making it fun and easy to design your dream home. He has the ability to understand our wants and needs, and take the necessary steps to protect us.

Working with Drew is fun. From the initial “dream storming” session of what our ideal house would have and look like, to the selection of the tradesman necessary to complete the project. I can not describe how confident we felt signing all of our contracts and agreements after knowing that Drew had broken them down bit by bit.

The Zen of Drew is never being afraid to say what you want and see if there is a way to work it out. He wants you to be happy in your home, not just today, but for as long as you live there. He helped us stay centered through this entire process. Having Drew as our construction liaison has truly made building our home, a dream come true.”

David C.
Los Angeles, CA


“As a neighbor of a construction project I was not looking forward to all of the dirt, hammering, noise, traffic, etc. However, as things turned out, I didn’t have just any developer next door to me, I had Drew Corley. He was incredibly sensitive to me and my family, as well as the rest of the neighborhood. He made every effort to minimize disruption and to start work late on the weekends. He even washed my car personally several times. He practiced gymnastics with my son and taught him yoga. Drew even left his project to pick my sick daughter up from school one day. He looked after my dog, my house, my children, and the entire neighborhood, for that matter.

Coming home everyday was something that I looked forward to. It was always a treat to see each day’s progress as I reached my driveway. Drew made a potentially negative and difficult process fun and comfortable. For that I am grateful, not to mention the improvement to the neighborhood in general.

Drew is an amazing person as well as a professionally successful developer. He not only personally inspects the work of the crews he hires, but he also gets out there and gets dirty. And let me tell you, dirty or clean that man is a hottie! So take it from me, I would definitely hire him to work on my house shirt on or off (but preferably off)! Drew is the type of guy that is all about business, but when everything is said and done, he remains a loyal friend.”

San Diego, CA




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